presently legalviral has millions of third-party sellers that accounts for over half of its sales. Because of so much competition, Amazon sellers must have a really good feedback rating. This will allow them to stay above their competitors and conduct their business in a smooth and effective way. Without a really good rating, sellers will never be able to acquire the trust of the customers. Buyers mostly make their buying decision by scanning feedback ratings on the seller profiles on Amazon. This helps them to understand whether a particular seller is trustworthy or not. Almost in every case, consumers go for one such seller who has a really good rating.

Impact of negative feedbacks:

Negative feedback on the seller profile can impact their business in multiple ways. It will make it difficult for them to conduct their business smoothly. People will also prefer not to conduct their business with that particular seller. There is on Amazon as well for judging the performance of the sellers on Amazon. So, it is always better for you to try and avoid negative comments to the best of your ability. Here, we have come up with a few ways by which negative feedback can impact the business of the seller:

Negative feedback and reduce your chances of winning the buy box:

The buy box is basically a box that is present on the product detail page. It allows a customer to add that particular item to their shopping cart. As there are multiple sellers on Amazon that offer the same items, they will have to compete for their items to be placed in the buy box. Winning the buy box can be very important for every seller as it will give them better visibility and also increase their chances of their products getting sold. In order to find out the winner of a buy box, Amazon determines an overall seller score from the customer experience. With each of the orders made, sellers will either receive or lose points towards their buy box seller score. You can also go through to check out how to improve seller performance.

For example, if an order is placed without any kind of problem, then the seller receives 100 points. However, if there are negative feedbacks, then it can cause a penalty. There will be a deduction of 500 points from your overall score. This ranking system helps Amazon to select the winners of the buy box. If you have news too much negative command comments, then there will be a lot of the deductions and you will not have any chances of winning the buy box. This is going to reduce your chance of attracting buyers and further expanding the business. This makes it very important for you to keep your customers satisfied at all times so that they give you a better score and increases your online visibility. can also impact your seller profile.

Negative feedback can revoke the seller privileges:

Sellers have a number of feedbacks on Amazon over other users. These privileges can be removed from you if you receive negative feedback. Amazon has an Order Defect Rate which measures the performance of your orders. It determines which of the orders has received negative feedback and poor customer reactions. If you have an  ODR of above 1&, then it can cause you to lose your seller privileges. So you must always try to keep your ODR below 1% if you wish to retain all your privileges. Poor ratings can also lead to.

Neutral feedbacks can cause you a lot of damage:

Any customer feedback that is 3 stars or lesser than that can cause damage to the seller profile. This is because Amazon doesn’t take into account the negative or neutral feedback while measuring your performance on the platform. Seller profile also consists of a percentage showing a positive rating during the last 12 months. Amazon only considers 4 and 5-star ratings to be positive. So, ratings with three or less aren’t good for your profile. That is why you should try to maintain a proper relationship with your customers so that they give you a good rating on Amazon. You can also maintain constant communication with your customers to improve your performance. Amazon also checks the to find out the seller performance.

Some thoughts to end with:
And these are the different ways in which the seller profile can be impacted because of negative feedback. So, you must try to stay away from negative feedback to the best of your ability. You should also opt for techniques in order to get rid of the negative feedback from your seller profile

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