The number of salons is growing every year, which has increased the competition for you to a greater extent. To beat the competition and keep your business scaling higher, you need to adapt to the latest trends and technologies, one of which is Digital Signage.

Some of the main benefits of using this one technology are — attracting new customers to your salon, staying booked throughout the year and selling more services, sharing useful information with customers, personalizing their experience, and much more. 

Let’s discuss in detail how your salon business will benefit from digital signage. 

  • Show Dynamic Content

Digital signage technology allows you to show different types of content, so you don’t have to stay limited to static photos and graphic images anymore. Instead, you can show videos, images, tickers, countdowns, QR codes, and other multimedia content.

All those content ideas you have imagined for so long but couldn’t implement with the traditional advertising and marketing material can now come to life. For every occasion and holiday, in fact, for every day and hour, you can show different content on the digital signage of your salon. 

For example, you can show these different types of content like

  1. New products
  2. Winter hairstyles
  3. Before and after images of your customers
  4. Skincare tips
  5. New makeup trends
  6. Offers and discounts 
  7. Ads with influencers
  8. Testimonials
  9. Social media feed of your brand, etc.
  • Save Time and Money

Do you recall how you had to hold back from making new ads and content for your customers because it required a lot of effort and money? What if we tell you that’s not a problem anymore?

With digital signage technology, you can remotely manage the content you display on it. So during the busy hours at your salon, you can focus on your customers while planning and updating your digital signage content ideas in your free time. This will save your time and efforts to a great extent. What’s even better is that you can save a lot of money creating and distributing new content. No more wastage creating new ads and posters, printing, and distributing them!

  • Smart Technology to Display Social Media Walls and Testimonials 

Digital signage enables users to add social media content and testimonials, a feature that other technologies don’t have till now. If you are already sharing content on social media, you can now repurpose and reshare it on your salon’s digital signage with the help of social media aggregator integrations. 

With the digital signage solutions and integrations, you can also collect user-generated content from social media and testimonials of your salon’s customers and present them on digital signage. 

  • Get More Customers and Increase Sales

8 out of 10 customers enter the store after watching some interesting digital signage content. Digital signage is a good way to gain attention and attract new customers to your salon. It will spread awareness among the customers about your salon and services. Digital signage is like your AI sales assistant, and if you place it in front of the right audience at the right place, you will get more customers visiting your salon. 

Also, if you share discounts, coupons codes, or similar offers on your indoor/outdoor digital signage, it will entice customers to get more services from your store. Such offers trigger impulse purchases as it creates a FOMO in your audience. 

With your outdoor digital signage installed in different parts of the city, you can also add maps to your nearest salon to help your potential customers in wayfinding.

  • Engage with customers and personalize the experience 

Show your customers something they would love to know! Then, personalize the experience for them with your digital signage. How? With interactive and touch-screen digital signage, you can give your customers the option to select what they want to see. 

For example, you are displaying the best hairstyles on digital signage. By adding the option to filter hairstyles on the basis of gender, age group, hair length, etc., you can personalize the experience for your customers.

If you have many branches of your salons across the country or in other countries, you show different content relevant to your audiences.

  • Get Sponsorships and Extra Income

If your salon is busy with customers throughout the year or even during most of the months, or if your salon has many high-society people as customers, then you have the right audience to influence and convert. Sponsors look for such an audience, and you can target them to get paid sponsorships. 

  • Manage Internal Communication and Workflow

By adding the digital signage screens inside your salon for your staff members, you can help ease their work. You can display the current and next schedules and appointments to keep your staff updated. It will also help your customers in the queue know when it is their turn.

Ready to Empower your Salon’s Business Growth with Digital Signage?

With digital signage, you can show your potential customers what you are offering and market your services effectively. The engaging visuals and multimedia experience will play a key role in influencing your audience to become your customers. That’s the power of digital signage! So are you ready to take your salon business to the next level with digital signage? Explore the latest digital signage solutions and plan a marketing strategy to use them for your business effectively.

Author Bio: Grace Eva

Grace Eva is a passionate content writer with expertise in digital signage and the digital marketing industry. She also loves to explore new technologies and likes to express herself through her blogs.

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