The newest edition of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 has been the talk of the town. There are two models to choose from – a 13.5-inch version and a 15-inch version. The 14-inch Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 produces high-resolution images that are bright and authentic in their colour reproduction. The touch and pen support makes the laptop more useful for students and professionals alike.

The 13.5-inch version of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 comes equipped with the AMD Ryzen 5 4680U processor. The 15-inch version of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, on the other hand, is powered by the AMD Ryzen 7 4980U processor. Being exclusively designed for Microsoft products, the chipset seems to be the perfect fit for the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4. 

Processors used

Specially built for sleek and lightweight laptops like the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, the AMD Ryzen 7 4980U processor makes sure that the laptop can excel in its performance. The clock speed of this six-core CPU can range from a base clock speed of 2 GHz to 4.4 GHz, depending on the workload. That makes it significantly faster than the Ryzen 7 4800U processor used in the older editions. 

Such high clock speeds ensure that the laptop can perform tasks at a record high speed. In addition to the multi-core CPU, the Radeon RX Vega 8 integrated GPU also does a fantastic job at handling all of your graphic demands. It allows you to play complex, memory-hungry games on the laptop without causing it to overheat or lag.

The 15-inch version of the Microsoft Surface laptop is also available with the Intel Core i7-1185G7 processor. This quad-core processor is built for modern laptops like the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4. The four-core CPU can clock at 1.2 GHz, 3 GHz and even 4.8 GHz (Turbo max speeds). 

This ensures that the processor is energy-efficient, but it can churn out high clock speeds when required. The integrated Iris Xe graphics card supports several graphics-intensive games. It is also ideal to meet the demands of graphic designers. Hence, the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 scores very high in its processor. Check out these best laptops under Rs. 50000 and have a range of options to select from.

RAM considerations

RAM is just as crucial to the performance of a laptop as the processor. The Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop allows you to choose from 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB LPDDR4X-3733MHz RAM variants. The RAM coupled with the AMD Ryzen 7 4980U processor makes the laptop ready to handle almost all challenges thrown at it. Additionally, you also have a choice to select from storage options of 256 GB, 512 GB or a massive 1 TB. The plethora of options allows the customers to buy exactly what they are looking for.

When it comes to their price, it varies depending on what combination you’re choosing. The AMD Ryzen 7 4980U processor included, the 15-inch model costs Rs. 1,34,999. 

How to shop for the best laptop

Shopping for a good laptop requires you to make a tough choice. With so many laptops from multiple manufacturers, finding the perfect laptop takes quite a bit of work. You need to select a model that’s ideal for your work. If you focus on programming or graphic designing, you can opt for laptops with huge RAM. If you use your laptop for everyday work, 4 GB RAM laptops can prove to be enough. 

Additionally, the price is a big factor determining the laptop you buy. These can be as cheap as Rs. 25,000 or as expensive as over Rs. 1,00,000. You should set a budget to limit the number of options to choose from. Let’s say, if your budget is Rs. 50,000. You can also sign up for the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Being an EMI Network Cardholder, you can divide the price of your hp laptop into affordable EMIs. 

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Microsoft has truly taken the spotlight in the technological world with the Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop launch. The integration of the AMD Ryzen 7 4980U processor over the last edition’s Ryzen 7 4800U is significant. With better energy efficiency and faster clock speeds, the processor is set to make the laptop one of the best models of 2021. 

The integrated GPU further makes the laptop ideal for graphics-intensive gaming at medium settings. These fantastic specifications complement the LPDDR4X-3733MHz RAM that does a fantastic job of making the laptop lag-free. Other features like its lightweight design, touch-and-pen support and long-lasting battery make it ideal for students and professionals.

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