BMW brought the cutting back pattern to its lively M models in 2014 with the in-line six-chamber bi-super S55 motor from the M division. It was an extraordinary achievement for the class in light of the fact that the S55 is the first turbocharged motor in the engine of a BMW M vehicle.

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What Makes the S55 Engine Unique?

The S55 is described by a high consistent force regular of a super, which is accessible in a wide reach from 1850 rpm to 5500 rpm. The ideal presentation band rolls in from 5500 pm to 7300 rpm and the most extreme speed can be accomplished at 7600 pm. The motor offers the best of two universes: super and high velocity.

Stalwart M vehicle fans who comprehend the historical backdrop of these vehicles were generally wary about turbocharged engines. All things considered, the absolute best M vehicles were constructed NA, which was their greatest strength. However, when BMW reported a twin super I6 motor for the up-and-coming age of M-vehicles, the fans comprehended the likely up-sides of such a move. Unlike the N55, the BMW S55 highlights a shut deck motor square and crankcase configuration, making it tough to the higher chamber pressures related to the sloped up yield.

The drag X stroke is somewhat under the square, at 84mm X 89mm. The more extended stroke assists the S55 with accomplishing brilliant low-end force, with top snort accessible from well under 2,000rpm. Top torque proceeds straight as far as possible past 7,000rpm.

History of the S55 Engine

The S55 involves the N55 motor from BMW as the premise. The first N55 motor was first utilized in 2009 on the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo. Bore (84.0 mm), stroke (89.6 mm), and removal (2979 cc) are indistinguishable in the N55 and S55. The pressure proportion of 10.2: 1 is likewise no different for the two motors.

With the recently evolved in-line 6-chamber motor, BMW M GmbH was working with both the conventional and the new framework: The point was to consolidate the benefits of a superior presentation, normally suctioned motor with the qualities of current super innovation.

The consequences for the reaction attributes of the M3 and M4 models are self-evident: 431hp and a limit of 7,600 rpm show the capability of the 3.0-liter motor. With a most extreme force of 550Nm – from 1,850 rpm. Quick runs are performed quicker than at any other time, and speed increase from 0 to 100 km/h presently requires simply 4.1 seconds in the event that the 7-speed M double grip transmission assumes control over the moving. The motor had in short order demonstrated to be more effective than its ancestors.

The Difference Between N55 and S55

The S55 is basically a reinforced form of the N55. While the N55 from BMW is furnished with only one turbocharger with “TwinPower” innovation (a supercharger that is driven two times by two separate ventilation systems), the S55 has two exemplary turbochargers. The construction of the motor square is likewise more complicated in the M motor. Accordingly, it’s ready to create class driving choke reaction, low CO2 emanations, and a stratospheric 141 strength for each liter of removal.

The motor accompanies a few advancements and contrasts from the base model on account of various specialized refinements. By the by, qualities from BMW are indisputable with regards to the crankcase or the extremely extraordinary sort of liner covering.

One of the principle distinctions is the shut deck plan of the crankcase. The benefit of this unique plan contrasted with the open-deck configuration is the higher inflexibility of the cover plate, which positively affects both the chambers and the acoustics. Moreover, higher chamber tensions and generally better power results can be accomplished.

It’s worth focusing on, notwithstanding, that various BMW series motors, just as motors from different makers, have a crankcase in shut deck plan, it’s anything but a remarkable element of the S55.

Along with the variable valve control (Valvetronic), fuel direct infusion HPI, and the twofold Vanos, the choke reaction is discernibly worked on even at low motor paces. The turbocharged motor arrives at 370 lb. Ft of force, which is 30% more than whatever its ancestor brought to the table. Simultaneously, the fuel utilization is somewhere around 25%.

Further developed Internals

Cylinders are Grafal-covered ‘shoe’ style aluminum combination (AlSi12Cu4Ni2Mg) units fabricated by Mahle, made to ride in sleeveless chambers. The inside of the S55 chamber containers is covered with what is known as a 2-wire circular segment splash process (LDS), decreasing weight. With this framework, the surface is covered with a slender yet very amazing atomized splash of liquid metal and is usually utilized for outrageous applications like turbine sharp edges. I can’t observe points of interest on what metal they use. however, be certain it is a super amalgam of some sort.

The lower part of the crankcase has extraordinary ventilation openings connecting chambers 1-2-3 and 4-5-6 for further developed strain evening out to diminish pressure wavering. Oil squirters are used to splash the bottoms of the cylinders for crown cooling.


Like any remaining motors made by BMW, the S55 works best with certified or OEM quality parts. It’s a known truth that it very well may be difficult to come by the right parts as indicated by your motor’s determinations in the event that you’re not an expert repairman.

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