Social media has played a role in our society that is loved as well as hated by many. The twist is that it depends purely on the user and the situation of how some perceive the digital platform. Some people think that it is indeed a platform to channelise their feelings and emotions. On the other hand, some people don’t have any sort of good memories or attachment with the online platform as they have been badly hurt by the people present on the platforms. So truthfully we can decide if it is a good thing or a bad thing. But one thing is sure one can make themselves prepared to deal with any sort of situation. So in case you use social media or your kids love it and are obsessed with it or your business involves the usage of social media then you can simply get the cell phone tracker app. As they can solve many of your problems. Here I am. 

FaceBook Screen Recording :

A Facebook spy app offers complete access to the Facebook newsfeed of the target person. You can watch their lives, stories, posts, comments, friends and more remotely. The best part about this app is that it also gives access to the inbox of the target account. 

Instagram Screen Recording :

Instagram, the popular photo and video-sharing app, now has tons of interesting features. For example, did you know that you can simply unsend the sent text message on Instagram without leaving a mark? This and all the Instagram activities can be recorded and saved with the help of the OgyMogy cellphone tracker app. 

Snapchat Screen Recording :

Snapchat makes the data disappear after a certain period. Now you can customize the settings but it is confirmed that the time frame and other information can be saved by the use of the Snapchat spy app. The feature also keeps records of disappeared content as well. 

Tinder Screen Recording :

Tinder is for dating but what if I tell you that parents like me don’t trust such apps. I have always been worried about thinking about what if my kid meets a dangerous person through this app. In case you are worried too then don’t be any more as the Ogy ogy offers a Tinder spy app. The app lets the user notify about all the tinder activities in detail. You can even block the internet as well. 

Kik Screen Recording :

Kik is a simple instant messenger chat app that also offers an option to chat and play with a bot. Know if the target is obsessed with such a feature and keep a check on the instant messenger activities of the target. 

Skype Screen Recording :

Skype spy app can be used by employees to know about the skype related work activities. You can remotely monitor any important meeting as well and know how it went. Make sure no employee harasses the other team members as the spy app offers access to the skype chat history details of the target. 

Youtube Screen Recording :

Even if it is a public channel or a private one. The ogy ogy spy app lets the user know about all the activities of youtube in detail. You can also check the comment section and take action right away in case of any rude or unethical comments. 

Viber Screen Recording :

Viber screen monitoring feature makes it possible to know about all the Viber activities of the target without letting them know. That right target remains unaware of all the monitoring activities as the OgyMogy cell phone tracker app works in stealth mode. 

Line Screen Recording :

Just like any other instant messenger chat app Line is also used by many people all around the world. The Ogy ogy cell phone tracker app lets the user know about the incoming and outgoing calls, text messages and media shared through the target device. 

WhatsApp Screen Recording :

Recover the deleted content and check out the one time photo again and again with the help of the WhatsApp spy app. 

In case you have found this app interesting and think that it is just a social media monitoring app then you are wrong. The Ogymogy cell phone tracker offers other kinds of features as well that include Screen monitoring, keystroke logging. Ap block, web filtering and much more.

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