Have you tried using Google AdWords for your market research? You will be surprised to learn how effective it can be. With the help of their program, you can learn more about the keywords and searches related to your product, which are being used commonly. This can help you make alterations to your website to ensure that the queries are answered. Here is how you can use AdWords to your advantage:

  1. Keyword Tool

One of the easiest and most effective ways for you to judge the market value for a specific keyword is to use the tool provided by Google itself. The research tool provided by Google’s AdWords gives you an idea of the number of Google users who have used the specific keyword in the past month. When you enter more specific keywords, which are relevant to your business, you get a better idea of the popular keywords at the moment. Hence, when looking for the perfect keywords, ensure that you select keywords which are specific rather than vague as it improves your chances of optimizing your content.

  1. Related Searches

Simply because one keyword is having a volume of searches does not necessarily mean that there will be high demand for your product. When looking at specific keywords, ensure that you research into the related keywords as well. If there is a high market demand for your product, then the number of related keywords with high volume searches will be higher. Hence, having a large number of searches for your initial keyword is essential, but having high volume related keywords is crucial as well.

  1. Test Run

After you have gathered enough information about the keywords that people are most likely to use, it is time for you to run a test campaign. Once you have purchased a domain name and created a website informing potential customers about your product, you can determine whether or not the keywords will help you sell your product. The potential customers who land on your page will provide you with their email address or contact information to learn more about your product, or if they are interested in it. This helps you calculate the percentage of people who visit your page and are interested in your product versus the ones who landed on your page out of curiosity or by accident.

  1. Other Tools

When trying to find the perfect keyword for your campaign, it is not enough to research a keyword. You need to use different tools at your disposal to ensure that you can get the best results. Tools such as Google Analytics, Google Insights and Google Trends help you gain a more comprehensive insight into the marketability of your product. Use these tools in conjunction with keyword research to find out how marketable your product is.

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Facebook and Google Adwords- Making the Connection Better

When you look into marketing across different platforms, it is a common error to look at them as separate entities. Each marketing platform offers you specific advantages over the other; hence, it only makes sense that you take advantage of each platform. So, why should you only opt for one of them when you could use them in conjunction?

Here’s how you can draw a solid link between Facebook and Google Adwords in your marketing endeavor.

Incite brand searches on Google with the help of Facebook Ads

With the help of a compelling Facebook ad campaign, you can convert old audiences. But that is not all; it can also help you incite more searches for your brand on Google. It has been found that most users who view a Facebook ad they are somewhat interested in, go on to Google to search the brand. The explanation for this is simple; if they are interested in the ad, they will want to learn more about your company and search for your brand on Google.

Catchy Headline

An effective Facebook ad is one which has a catchy headline. Most people will search a headline on Google rather than a brand name, simply because the headline is more memorable. Hence, you have to be careful about what headline you use for your campaign.


Re-target your audience

When you are managing two ad campaigns across two platforms, you will know how crucial it is to re-target your audience. Cross-platform retargeting can be beneficial. Re-target is not just about displaying the same ad to a person, but rather showing up on their feed across different platforms. With a Facebook ad campaign, retargeting is made easier.

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