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Politics Recovery Plan, structure and strategy of the Italian Relaunch Plan

Approval of the Recovery Fund Governance Regulation by the European Parliament for about a month, Italy is preparing its plan identified by the acronym PNRR ( National Recovery and Resilience Plan ) with deadline at the end of April. This Plan is divided into six points which represent the thematic areas set by Europe and which Italy badly needs to update. The areas are:

  1. Digitization, innovation, competitiveness and culture;
  2. Green revolution and ecological transition;
  3. Infrastructures for sustainable mobility;
  4. Education and Research;
  5. Inclusion and cohesion;
  6. Health

Therefore, the dual transition, digital and ecological, which implies and requires a strong synergy between public and private, is primary. We need to tackle the thorny issues of youth work and the growth of skills, the development of the South and gender equality. Issues that should not be treated separately but which must be pursued with a synergistic and transversal approach.

And the Minister of Economy Daniele Franco , referring to the Chamber and Senate Commissions, declared that the PNRR constitutes an unprecedented “learning exercise” for Italian institutions. Meaning that the value of Recovery does not lie so much in the enormous range of resources as in imposing the need to well design, evaluate and implement projects in well-defined times.

Italy has the possibility to receive 191.5 billion in loans and loans in the period 2022-2026 with an average of 40 billion per year. Therefore the ability, also dictated by necessity, must be to plan well, and not only announce, the paths that will be evaluated a priori but also a posteriori, to be carried out in certain and defined times.

This is the opportunity, but there is also the risk that it will not succeed, due to the endemic defects of the administrative machine, which is not yet sufficiently computerized and whose apparatus does not currently have databases that allow the various sectors to talk to each other in real time. The situation is aggravated by a complex and cumbersome legislative and regulatory framework: the Minister of Economy and Finance is called upon to perform this miracle of coordination with the various Ministries, perhaps by setting up a unitary information and data platform and bureaucratic streamlining that gives speed to those procedures that up to now have paralyzed the functioning of the PA

The novelty desired by Draghi

The novelty desired by Draghi consists in proposing the completion of important works that have remained pending. We refer to those infrastructures that began with the ERDF (European Regional Development Funds) which were delayed due to both a slow preliminary and implementation phase. 31.8 billion will be allocated to these workseuros from the Recovery, which will free up resources from the state budget which will then be able to rebalance the differences due to expenses for refreshments and support. The time commitment remains to finish the projects by 2026 respecting the recovery deadlines. In order for this to be possible, both the constraints and the rules on urban planning and environmental protection must be simplified. Then the environmental impact assessments will be postponed until after the approval of the project thus bypassing city councils and service conferences for variants.

Therefore, the input started by Draghi will allow the completion of works of primary importance, for example concerning transport and logistics, such as the Brescia-Verona-Vicenza railway line or the project that provides for the connection from Liguria to the Alps, the redevelopment of the Orte-Falconara line. and Rome Pescara; there will also be an opportunity to terminate the Salerno-Reggio Calabria and the Catania-Palermo line.

On the road front, the focus will be on the reconstruction of bridges and tunnels throughout Italy, a hot topic since many prosecutors have investigated the state of repair of numerous road sections.


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