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Raoul Bova protagonist of the Mediaset fiction “Good morning, mom!”

From Wednesday evening on Canale 5 the new fiction starts, in six episodes, ” Good morning, mom!” , which stars Raoul Bova and Maria Chiara Giannetta (the current captain in Don Matteo Anna Olivieri), in a production by L ux Vide (known for Don Matteo ), directed by Giulio Manfredonia.

The series will have light tones, alternating with moments of pure yellow. At the center of the story is the Borghi family, formed by Guido (Raoul Nova) and Anna (Maria Chiara Giannetta). The story unfolds in about thirty years, from 1995 to 2013. Guido and Anna fall in love since they were very young and immediately ignore the stages, deciding to start a family, which comes to count four children: Francesca (Elena Funari); Jacopo (Matteo Oscar Giuggoli); Sole (Ginevra Francesconi); Michele (Valerio Bertocci), nicknamed Michielino.

«Guido’s dream was to be a university professor but he becomes the principal of a school. The money is counted, but their union is solid and Guido is a loving, affectionate father and knows how to take children. ” so Bova outlines his role. «Anna wanted to be a photographer, but with the arrival of the children she puts aside her work and dedicates herself to the family. She does it with pleasure, she is a playful and young mother-friend ». tells Maria Chiara Giannetta who interprets it.

Everyone’s lives are turned upside down in 2013, when Anna goes into a coma after an accident. The thread of the story starts from that moment, so that the protagonist becomes the narrator of the events. From then on, Guido takes care of the whole family, in the hope that the woman will wake up. In the meantime, the children grow up: while Francesca, the eldest, begins to study medicine, it is Sole who creates more problems. The young woman’s problem is pregnancy, after a night of passion with the bully Federico, so that the two have to take responsibility, while her friend Greg is infatuated with her.

The nurse Agata (Beatrice Arnera) arrives to disturb the quiet family , a young woman in search of the truth about the death of mother Maurizia (Stella Egypt), caused by Guido Borghi according to the health service, as the deputy commissioner Colapica will later come to believe ( Domenico Daniele), who will work hard to prove this hypothesis. While everything seems unclear, gradually the truth will come, through continuous flashbacks, especially on the first years of the relationship between Guido and Anna.




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