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Alberto Angela returns to Raiuno with the new episodes of Ulysses

Alberto Angela returns to Raiuno with his Ulysses dissemination program, in five new episodes for every Wednesday, starting from Wednesday 21 April, followed by reruns in the following weeks.

The first episode will focus on ” The Seven Wonders of Imperial Rome ” on the day of Rome ‘s birth, the second legendary day of the birth of the Eternal City, back in 753 BC. As written in the Radiocorriere TV magazine , the journey will start from the Mausoleum of Augustus , recently reopened to the public after 14 years of restoration.

Through unprecedented graphic reconstructions, the public will be able to observe the original appearance of the monument. Other wonders admirable by onlookers at home will be the Ara Pacis, erected under Augustus, and the Torlonia Collection , which has returned to the public after seventy years with an exhibition hosted at Villa Caffarelli on the Campidoglio. Further wonders told, subsequent to the Augustan age, will be the Colosseum; the Imperial Palace of Domitian on the Palatine Hill; the Trajan’s Column ; the Pantheon. To add spectacularity to the appointment will be the voice of the actor uca Ward , known for his famous joke “At my signal, raise hell ”.

The second episode “Six Queens for Henry VIII” , broadcast on Wednesday 28 April, will focus on the dramatic relationship carried out by the king Henry VIII with his six wives. In the interview with the Tv magazine Sorrisi e Canzoni , Angela focuses on the king and Anna Bolena , described as two characters who “were separated by an epidemic that kept them away for a long time. Enrico is a sad symbol of violence against women ”. The event will also present references to the present, with an intense tribute to Gigi Proietti (a strong admirer of the Elizabethan theater with the construction of the Globe Theater, similar to the English structure of the same name and built inside Villa Borghese in Rome).

The third episode “The fabulous world of the Etruscans” , broadcast on Wednesday 5 May, will go to the discovery of the Etruscan civilization , with the exploration of well-known places between Tuscany and Lazio, such as Vulci and Tarquinia , where the Necropolis of Monterozzi will be explored together with local frescoed tombs. For the program, it will be a real return to the origins, given the discussion of this historical period in the very first episode, broadcast in 2000. On this people, the presenter revealed some goodies during the interview with Sorrisi. “Did you know that the words person and satellite come from Etruscan? And also the Bluetooth symbol that you find on mobile phones? “.

The fourth episode, broadcast on Wednesday 12 May, will deal with the story of the patron saints of Italy ” San Francesco and Santa Chiara” , “seen as two rebellious boys of the Middle Ages”. The latest unpublished event, broadcast on Wednesday 19 May, will focus on climate change. For the occasion, the special guest will be his father Alberto Angela, one of the first experts to deal with the subject, a concept highlighted in an interview with the Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni magazine. “When I started talking about sustainability, many didn’t want to listen. The dream of unlimited growth reigned and doubts were dismissed as science fiction hypotheses ”. Angela sonon the other hand, he expresses himself thus on the delicate issue: “Climate change is not just a word, it is in front of us.

It’s like hearing the sound of a waterfall: we’re not there yet, we can still steer and try to avoid the changes that would really change the way we live on the planet. A trip that Piero and I will take together. We have decided to join in this effort to tell how the world is asking for our help. Until now, the Earth has given us so much, now she is asking us to help her. A call to arms that we immediately heard, a march to be done all together. ” Angela father and son, on this special occasion, will meet together on TV, after the special in the summer of 2019 on the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, also told by Angela father at the time, in the role of journalist.




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