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Green pass also for schools and transport, all the news

Green pass As feared for days, the Government approves the extension of the green pass for schools, universities and long-distance transport.

With this decision, the executive is keeping faith with what has been rumored in recent months, namely a gradually more extensive use of the document, developed in several stages, starting on Friday 6 August.

Green pass, the first stage: Friday 6 August

From Friday 6 August, patrons must show proof of access to numerous places: drinks at the table in indoor restaurants and bars; museums and exhibitions; shows open to the public, concerts, sporting events and competitions; indoor activities of cultural, social and recreational centers; wellness centers and indoor sports facilities and spas; health facilities and nursing homes; amusement theme parks; fairs, festivals, conferences and congresses; parties and receptions; public competitions; game rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos.

Green pass and transport

From 1 September until the end of the year, according to the new decree-law, it will be necessary to show the certificate to use long-distance vehicles; such as airplanes, ships and interregional ferries, with the exception of those that move in the Strait of Messina, Intercity, Intercity Night and High Speed ​​trains, buses connecting at least three Regions and those used for rental service with driver, with the exception of of those additional to the local and regional public service for schools or other. On these vehicles, the maximum capacity will be 80% even in the yellow zone, as is currently allowed in the white zone.

However, all routes operated by local public transport are excluded from the application of the measure.

School and university

Possession of the certificate will be mandatory for teaching and non-teaching staff, both in schools and universities. day of absence, the employment relationship is suspended and no remuneration or other remuneration or emolument, however called, is due “. This obligation will apply to the student population, both for those enrolled at the university, who will be able to attend classroom lessons in compliance with this requirement, and for students of schools who are already of age. With these measures, the government is strenuously committed to avoiding a massive use of the DAD, to be used only in extremely exceptional cases.

Pads at a controlled price

Since students between the ages of 12 and 18 are not obliged to possess the pass, the Government, in the figure of Commissioner Figliuolo, has entered into an agreement with Assofarmacie, to establish, until 30 September, a reduced price, 8 euros, in tampons aimed at them and another, 15 euros, in tampons for adults. With regard to adolescents, the executive is also devising not only an ad hoc vaccination strategy, but also a targeted communication campaign.

Reduced quarantine for the vaccinated

Another important decision adopted by the executive with the provision is the reduced duration of the quarantine to 7 days for those who test positive but vaccinated, while for the unvaccinated it will remain 10 days.

Sport events

The text of the law establishes modalities in the assignment of seats as alternatives to the interpersonal distance of one meter. This regulatory provision opens up to the checkerboard pattern, which could increase, in the stadiums, the capacity up to 50% of the regularly constituted one. In the sports halls, on the other hand, the turnout will rise from 25% to 35%.



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