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Pio and Amedeo on Canale 5 with the show “Felicissima sera”

From Friday Pio and Amedeo will be at the helm, for the first time, of a show of their own on Canale 5. Happy evening is the program that will be broadcast in prime time from Friday 16 April for three appointments.

The Foggia comic duo will create a real two men show , consisting of great guests and comic moments in their own way. The premiere will be attended by Ivana Spagna , maestro Francesco De Gregori, Tommaso Paradiso, Ivana Spagna, Andrea Iannone, Maria De Filippi. Given the range of guests, the desire to make people laugh is confirmed, also because the duo has already reiterated that they want to follow the styles of their famous previous program Emigratis. In the production of Italia 1, the two were traveling around the world to “scrounge” the VIPs whatever was possible, often in a rather flashy way.

In the new issue they will keep their “mask of the average and boorish Italian, indifferent and respectable, true to the point of being vulgar”. In fact, due to this characteristic, considered jarring by public opinion, they define themselves as “those who speak as people speak, perhaps we like them precisely because we say what people want to hear, the public recognizes itself in us”.

The title chosen is also identified with their style. In fact, in a promotional interview for the new show, released to Le Iene (program of their media launch) they explain that the title Felicissima sera is “the idea of ​​a restaurateur from Foggia. We were pretty drunk. He approaches, looks at us and said “Wagliù, what if you called him Happy evening?” From then on we have not found a better title ”.

For Pio D’Antini and Amedeo Grieco, the Alfa Romeo flagship represents an important milestone. In fact, the two comedians entered as protagonists in the entertainment world thanks to the show Le Iene, where they impersonated ultras, who together with some “colleagues” sang choruses, in a comic key, aimed at famous people.

In the interview given to the program for the promotion of the new show, the two talk about how they got there. We went to see the program as a public “,” Through one of the security we asked to speak with an author, and he told us to leave him the email. He called us back while we were driving to Foggia, and ten days later we were on the air ”.

From then on they conducted radio programs, made films for the cinema, but the next highlight of their career passes once again to Italy 1. For the young network Mediaset they conceived Emigratis, which immediately enjoyed impressive success among young people and the very young. , to the point of making three editions (one a year) from 2016 to 2018 (the first two editions are broadcast in the late evening, the last one is broadcast in prime time). In 2019 they are then a regular presence in the evening of Amici with great acclaim, while in the autumn they realize a live show on tour The class is not here, sold-out in all its stages.




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