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Amici 2021, the names of the judges for the evening revealed

They are the conductor and dancer Stefano De Martino, the frontman of The Kolors Stash and Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia the judges for the evening of Amici, starting this evening on Canale 5 in prime time. Judging the 17 competitors admitted to the final phase of the show are three personalities, all passed through the ranks of the talent, who during the nine episodes will contribute to the elimination of the participants, up to the choice of the winner.

To keep the quality of the show high comes a new artistic director, the French Stephane Jarny , already well known in the Francophonie with successful theatrical and musical performances, as well as having followed artists of the caliber of Mika, Bob Sinclair, Kylie Minogue.

Among the guests of the debut are both Sabrina Ferilli, the fraternal friend of the presenter Maria De Filippi , as well as a popular judge for Tu si que vales , and the lucky comic duo Pio and Amedeo.

Friends: The teams

Unlike the last edition, in the new year the division into teams returns, this time there are three, not two, as usual. This number derives from the respective combination, for each team, of a singing teacher and a dance teacher, with the respective students who have followed since the afternoon phase, broadcast since November (three are the singing teachers and three are the teachers of dance).

The first team is led by veterans Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano and made up of Sangiovanni (already gold record with his single “Lady”), Esa, Leonardo, Deddy and Enula (singers); Tommaso and Serena (dancers).

The second team is led by this year’s new entry teachers Arisa and Lorella Cuccarini and made up of Tancredi, Raffaele, Gaia  and  Ibla  (singers); Rosa, Martina  and  Alessandro (dancers).

The third team is headed by teachers Anna Pettinelli and Veronica Peparini and is characterized by its small numbers, given that it is made up of only three competitors, while the other two formations have seven inside. The members of this team are Aka7even  (singer),  Giulia and Samuele  (dancers).

Friends, previews of the first episode

Given that the issue was recorded on Thursday, what we will see this evening is partly already known, thanks to the “moles” of various sites, among which Ilvicolodellenews stands out .

The episode saw the development of three heats with three tests each. The challenger team was designated, after the choice of judge Emanuele Filiberto among three closed envelopes, proposed by the host. The choice fell on envelope n ° 3, which had the inscription Zerbi-Celentano inside.

The duo decided to challenge the Arisa-Cuccarini line- up, managing to prevail. With the victory of the heats, the teachers of the winning team nominated three competitors from the losing group, namely Rosa, Gaia and Tancredi . In the first instance , Rosa is the first name saved by the judges, while the second is Tancredi , with the consequence that Gaia was the first eliminated in the evening of Amici 20.

The recording resumes with the second heat, in which the already winning team decides to repeat the same challenge and manages to win again. The new ones nominated by Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano were Raffaele, Ibla and Martina . The judges first saved Martina , then Ibla, with Raffaele destined for the run-off with the loser of the next heat, for the determination of the second eliminated competitor.

In the last heat, the duo decided to challenge the Pettinelli – Peparini formation , which was then the winner. The two teachers put Deddy, Esa and Sangiovanni at risk of elimination . The first name saved by the judges was Sangiovanni while the second was Deddy. Once the ballot between the two singers Raffaele and Esa has been established , the presenter invites all the competitors to return to the house, underlining that shortly thereafter they would be communicated on how to carry out the challenge.

At the moment, nothing has leaked from the previews. However, the publication of the rules for televoting on the official website of the broadcast suggests that the home audience will determine the fate of the two competitors. The hypothesis put forward would foresee the opening of the voting session at the end of the episode, presumably with a special pre-recorded launch, and the closing scheduled at the beginning of the new recording, publicly distributed through the social channels of the show, as has already happened for some episodes. by Amici Celebrities (vip version of the program made in autumn 2019).



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