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Compulsory Green Pass for School and Public Administration. It is discussed!

After the announcement of the mandatory vaccination of the Green Pass from August 6 for bars, restaurants and gathering events, the Government is studying the possibility of extending it to long-distance travel on means of transport, the more complicated the application for the local transport. In the meantime, it will not be possible to impose the effective date of 6 August for travels concerning the holidays already booked, but from September it will certainly go into effect for everyone.

Furthermore, the limitations to local transport would complicate mobility in favor of school attendance, since schools will reopen as much as possible in presence from September. Speaking of school , as well as the vaccination pass, the opportunity is being studied to extend the vaccination obligation to teachers and school staff: on this point the principals would agree while some teachers have rebelled. But the need to return to normality is also felt for the Public Administration where, at least for the Front Office, it is necessary to return to receive users regularly.

Over the weekend there were demonstrations of the No Vax who also see the institution of the vaccination pass as an undue imposition. According to them, the adoption of the Pass would be a sneaky means of forcing the population to vaccinate, not taking into account individual freedom.

At this point, how does the government think of resolving this jurisprudential problem? According to Sabino Cassese, judge emeritus of the Constitutional Court, the Constitution allows mandatory health treatments to be introduced but not by decree law, but by the legislative procedure of the Parliament. This means that the law in favor of compulsory vaccination would find the vote against by the League as well as by the Brothers of Italy, but above all the time of application of the same would be lengthened precisely in a historical moment in which the time component is fundamental to achieving the desired goal. herd immunity.

In Italy, the obligation for ten vaccines has been in force for years

Making a quick excursus, we remind you that in Italy ten vaccines are mandatory, adopted especially in pediatric age (from zero to 16 years) launched in the years starting from 1939 (diphtheria), to 1963 (tetanus) to 1966 (polio ) and 1991. In 2017, anti-hepatitis, anti-pertussis, anti-measles, anti-rubella and anti-hepatitis B obligations were introduced for those born from 2001.

These laws have made it possible to eradicate the aforementioned diseases but nevertheless there is the resistance of a group of deniers who persist in obstructing the most elementary resolutions in favor of health and physical well-being.

The motivating reasons can only be sought with a psychological interpretation, since the only methods to counter the advance of the pandemic are vaccines, masks and social distancing, which the No Vax abhor. It could be objected that the vaccines that are being administered against Covid still have some experimental aspect (regarding the age and health of the vaccinated), since they were prepared in less than a year; but if we think that the beneficial effects far outweigh the risks and contraindications and that getting vaccinated is also the only antidote to a deadly virus that has already changed shape several times, then there is no justification for the denial of the deniers .. And if the logic of the protest is like “I context therefore I am” then the position is individual and cannot in any way involve the community!



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