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Streaming IPTV, a millionaire business that damages Sky and Dazn

IPTV streaming, what is it? Is it legal? In a rather simplified way, IPTV streaming is a system for transmitting television signals over the Internet. To make the concept simpler, with IPTV it is possible to watch television channels (Rai, Mediaset, Sky, etc. etc.) through any device with an Internet connection. So yes, to date IPTV streaming is legal and is allowed by an increasing number of Italian and foreign television networks. Mediaset with Mediaset play and Rai with its RaiPlayare two examples of broadcasters with a large schedule of on-demand content. By registering and accessing the respective App you can watch live content or if you have missed an episode of your favorite series you can easily see it again when it suits you.

The IPTV project has existed for about 15 years, but only today we are witnessing an exponential growth, thanks above all to the spread of broadband . In fact, to take advantage of a satisfactory service, a connection of at least 6-8 Mbps is required, a speed that guarantees a view of the channels in Full HD resolution . Forget the streaming of the last few years, in very low resolution, with continuous Lag and pixelated images. Today, in many cases it is also possible to broadcast channels in 4k.

Are IPTV streaming and IPTV lists legal?

The technology that manages the IPTV ( Internet Protocol Television ) streaming protocol is absolutely legal, it becomes illegal when its use violates copyright . In fact, creating free-to-air channel lists does not entail penalties, on the contrary, often the same broadcasters release the sources to be able to use their channels through IPTV, called free-to-air channel lists (eg, Mediaset, Rai, La7). However, in recent years, free-to-air IPTVhave been replaced by dedicated applications: Rai, Mediaset, La7, as well as the local broadcasters themselves have evolved, releasing applications dedicated to the streaming of their own channels. In short, to date, almost all free-to-air TV is available for free and legally through applications for Android and Ios and Windows.

When does IPTV streaming become illegal?

IPTV streaming becomes illegal when m3u lists or m3u8 lists containing copyrighted sources and channels are sold or distributed free of charge. Getting to the heart of the problem, an IPTV becomes illegal when it allows you to watch Sports Events, Movies and TV Series, protected by copyright.

Sky , Mediaset Premium , Dazn , Bein Sport , just to mention the most famous, are paid television broadcasters, which means that, to take advantage of the contents offered by the aforementioned broadcasters, you have to pay a monthly subscription , which varies according to the packages purchased. . Once this is done, it will be possible to enjoy sporting events, TV series, films, document yourself and lots of entertainment, in a completely legal way.

The indecent proposals of IPTV pirates.

And this is where the pirates of IPTV streaming come into play . At a cost of just over 10 euros a month, IPTV lists containing thousands of channels from all over the world are sold. With a saving of up to 90% compared to Sky, for example. Thanks to the use of illegal lists, it is possible to watch any sport, film or event in pay-per-view , broadcast anywhere in the world. Do you want to watch Turkish Volleyball or the third German football series? No problem, sifting through the thousands of channels, perfectly sorted by country, you can find what you are looking for.

How pirated IPTV streaming works and what the risks are. With the spread of the internet, the very concept of illegal IPTV streaming
has also changed , once the Sky card was cloned and sold to a small group of acquaintances. Today the “lists with illegal IPTV channels” can be distributed all over the world in a few clicks. But that’s not all, today advanced equipment such as local servers  or very high-powered PCs are not even necessary. The pirate can manage his business from his bedroom, simply by purchasing online servers, on which he will only have to install the various applications to manage the entire illegal platform.

Low running costs for IPTV streaming, millionaire business.
Wanting to keep low, between various subscriptions and monthly cost of the servers, a pirate invests on average around 2000 euros per month, therefore, it would be enough for him to sell 200 lists to get back the initial costs.

You may be wondering, well, selling 200 lists isn’t going to be easy. Wrong! On average, those who offer this kind of illegal service manage to build a customer package of at least 2-3,000 people! On the other hand, two conditions are enough to grow out of all proportion: Excellent quality of service, thanks to which users themselves will advertise the service by word of mouth. Advertise your pirate site on Google .

Yes, it seems paradoxical, but the same google, loyal to the protection of its surfers, allows these subjects to advertise themselves through the Google Adwords program . On the other hand, it is sufficient to write the ‘IPTV’ key on the search engine, and check who is shown (advertised) in the first positions. Absurd isn’t it?

What are the risks if you are caught with your hands in the jam?
The truth is that today the structure of illegal IPTV is a parallel world, practically untouchable. It is estimated that there are over 100 million monthly customers worldwide and continuously growing. In Italy, on the other hand, the crafty ones of pirated IPTV streaming are around 2-3 million.

How can Sky, Dazn and the Italian authorities themselves intervene to stem the problem? How would it be possible to stop a pirate from Saudi Arabia operating his crimes with servers installed in Iceland? Impossible. But while being lucky enough to block one, there are hundreds more that will continue to offer the same service.

Gone are the days when the Guardia di Finanza blitzed homes with dozens of active servers, being able to carry out arrests or hand out substantial fines. Today, pirate users are in an iron barrel, and the much vaunted fines of up to 2000, 5000, 25000 euros, are just a vague attempt to try to intimidate someone. But do you know how intimidated the Turkish pirate with servers in Mongolia can be? ZERO!

Moreover, with regard to Italy, when you buy these illegal services it is also possible to exclude the channels of your country (Sky Calcio, Sky Sport, Sky Cinema, Dazn, etc. etc.), so what will the authorities be able to contest? That you are illegally watching Burundian TV? In short, IPTV streaming day after day becomes an increasingly intricate skein to unravel.

How to fight IPTV streaming  at 10 euros?

In my opinion, there are only two ways to permanently block the phenomenon of illegal IPTV . Close the internet (provocative), or decrease the prices of some PayTvs.

Speaking only of Sport, Dazn with its 9.99 euros per month, for example, offers a lot of content: Serie B, Serie A, Ligue One, La Liga, Motors, Combat. And even if the start was not the best, it is still an advantageous price. Sky instead, at a cost of 30 euros per month, offers the Sport ticket for NOW TV, which offers: Serie A, Premier League, Bundensliga, Champions League, Europa League, Formula One, Moto Gp, Tennis. In this case, perhaps, the price is a little high, but it is always 1 euro per day. In short, summing up, with about 40 euros a month (which becomes 35 euros, legally dividing Dazn) it is possible to enjoy all the top European and world sport. And patience if you have to give up the Turkish second division or the Bulgarian Volleyball. Stop being crafty!



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