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«Bourbon Souls»: comedy set at the Royal Palace of Caserta produced by Paolo Coviello from Irpinia

From tomorrow online, on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service, the film set in Campania with a great scenic cultural value, “Bourbon Souls” will be broadcast, distributed by 102 Distribution and produced by the already well-known Irpinia producer Paolo Coviello, Opera Total and Vittorio Maione. The comedy was directed by Paolo Consorti and Guido Morra, with the executive production of Cameraworks. The film of great scenic cultural value, is set in Campania in the enchanting and monumental “Royal Palace of Caserta”, tells the world of historical reenactments, which involves thousands of people in Italy and makes use of a rich cast, composed of Ernesto Mahieux, Susy Del Giudice, Giovanni Esposito, Giobbe Covatta, Rosaria Di Cicco, Giovanni Allocca, Pierluigi Dilengite, Guenda Goria, Randall Paul, Cinzia Carrea, Massimo De Matteo, Fenicia Rocco and Deborah D’Angelo and Angelo Sepe. In the technical cast, the director of photography Gianni Mammolotti,

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Bourbon Souls, all about the film

‘Bourbon souls’it is a funny and poignant comedy, classic and Italian only in part, in some respects surreal. The figures, the ‘Bourbon souls’ of the title, are the women and men who, out of pure passion and without any compensation, take on the role of aristocrats and leading figures of the Bourbons in the re-enactments held at the Royal Palace of Caserta and in around Campania. Here they mingle with ordinary people, undoing reality, increasing it and creating an unsettling and funny effect. The film delves into the relationship between the eighteenth-century costumed figures including the protagonist, a coachman dressed in red, and the other characters, all ‘in civilian clothes’. A world little told by Italian cinema, which tells the candor and romanticism of the ‘Bourbon souls’ with its miseries, problems, but also small ambitions and hopes,
Release on Prime Video: January 14, 2021.




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