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Political Polls, Italians trust Draghi. They would like him at the Quirinale

From the Demos survey carried out for Political Atlas, it appears that the Italians would like to rely on Prime Minister Draghi until the end of the legislature, that is, between now and 2023; but the former European banker is also indicated as Mattarella’s successor to the Presidency of the Republic. But these two wishes are achievable only if the outgoing President reappears at the end, as happened with Giorgio Napolitano, a hypothesis that Mattarella has categorically ruled out.

In the meantime, the consensus for Mario Draghi rises again from 75 to 77 points, a threshold never reached by a politician in the last five years; Mattarella is 66% approved.

Among the political leaders, Giuseppe Conte’s preferences fell by nine points, reaching 59, while Speranza is stable at 52; Matteo Salvini, Dario Franceschini and Stefano Bonacini obtained 44 approval points. Enrico Letta is down from 44 to 40, Matteo Renzi at 26 and Beppe Grillo at 11 are in the lower part of the ranking.

Among the political parties, the turmoil in the 5 Star Movement has not completely subsided, which is reaching a difficult understanding, with Grillo confirmed as guarantor and Giuseppe Conte political leader, the latter role that will be ratified with a vote of the members at the beginning of August. But this will be a formality as the former prime minister enjoys 71% of the votes within the Movement.

The party of Giorgia Meloni (Brothers of Italy) takes another step forward, by two points, registering the exceeding of twenty (20.1%), and is almost alongside the Lega which is at 20.5%, with Forza Italy, which is credited with 8% of the center-right, is potentially the new winning coalition, totaling 49%. Provided that Salvini seeks an alliance elsewhere to avoid losing the leadership of the CDX, he is now embracing Renzi’s theses (identity of views on the corrections to the Zan decree); Matteo Lega has accustomed us to frequent changes of opinion and therefore to twists. At the bottom we find Leu-La Sinistra with 3.7%, Action and Italia Viva paired at 2.5%.

Therefore, if Draghi is allowed to operate safely for another two years, the emergency phase of Covid will be terminated (hopefully!) And the projects linked to Recovery funding can be started. These are the two primary goals to which Supermario is called. But since the white semester will begin from 2 August and therefore the Chambers will no longer be dissolved by regulation, it is likely that the parties, especially the more revolutionary ones, will start to think more about campaigning and therefore will be less conciliatory.



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