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9 Small Business HR Trends to Look Out For

9 Small Business Human resources is an integral part of every small business’s growth. They act as a middle ground between the management and the staff. They keep the internal workforce stable and well-oiled by carefully screening applicants based on their fitness for the job.  HR helps bring attention to specific issues that the staff is facing and coordinates with them in reaching a viable solution to their dilemma. More importantly, human resources are responsible for inculcating the company’s culture and ensuring the work environment is conducive to employee growth and retention.


As customer demands and market dynamics evolve, businesses must also work to strengthen their core operations from within. Staying up-to-date with relevant trends in human resources is             a first step that could help startups leverage their goals with their team.

HR Trends in Small Businesses

Here are some notable trends in small business HR worth anticipating in 2022:

1.    Balancing Hours with Salaries

Small businesses will be more focused on adapting to market changes while exerting effort to retain employees. One way for them to attain this is by reducing work hours while retaining existing compensation rates. Inflationary trends may be too heavy on their part, particularly with how it affects their budget.


Instead of concentrating on adjusting office expenses to accommodate salary increases, small business human resources will likely enable flexible work hours for their employees. This means reduced work hours and even hybrid work arrangements that combine remote and office-based work will be implemented.

2.    Automated Processes

Automating some routine processes in the HR department allows human resources to shift their focus on more pressing concerns of their employees. From including automated leave management technology to organizing, updating employee files, and creating payroll,  automated processes aid in reducing human error. Updating leave credits and monitoring absenteeism also becomes faster and more accurate.

3.    Meticulous Skills Screening

There has been wide speculation that the emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace means replacing a huge chunk of the workforce with startups. In truth, machine learning is mainly included in small business operations to speed up routine tasks and allow employees to focus their craft on more specialized and complex tasks.


Consequently, HR will also be more particular when screening new applicants’ suitability for the job. They will determine whether candidates already possess a certain level of experience to carry out the demands of the job they are applying for,

4.    Prioritizing Employee Wellness

It’s 2022. Extreme work demands that drain staff physically, mentally, and emotionally should no longer be praised or acceptable.


  1. Employee Engagement Software


Instilling company culture to aid in employee wellness is among the integral roles of human resources.


  1. Upskilling Human Resources


The employees that comprise a startup’s main operations are not the only ones in need of a periodic upgrade in their skills. Even the human resources department needs it as well. Enhancing the skills and knowledge of the HR staff helps companies address and resolve employee concerns with higher accuracy and professionalism. It allows the management to reflect on outdated HR practices that no longer benefit the company as a whole.


  1. Enhancing Humanized Relationships between Managers and Staff

Thanks to the adamant inclusion of technology and automated solutions to managerial tasks, there has been a greater leeway for managers to build relations with their staff. Often, the work environment is limited to the distribution and completion of tasks.


  1. Testing Over Mandatory Vaccination

There is a high risk of increasing employee turnover once vaccination becomes mandatory for all staff.








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