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Periodontal Disease: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Good dental health is very essential for the overall health and well-being of a person. It is thus, of utmost importance that one takes care of the tooth and maintains proper hygiene of the dental system. 


But, there are several severe and minor infections and issues that hamper dental health. This may be due to unhygienic dental care or deficiency of some vitamins that lead to a dental problem. In this post, we will know about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of  Periodontal diseases. 


What are periodontal diseases?


Periodontal disease is a dental disease where the gum and the bone supporting the teeth face severe infection or inflammation. The early stage of periodontal disease may be called gingivitis and a more serious and later stage is known as periodontitis. However, in both cases, it is suggested that you visit a Periodontist in Ottawa and undergo medication and treatment for the same.


In Gingivitis or the initial stage of periodontal disease, the gums swell and redden. It could even bleed in some cases. By the time the infection or inflammation reaches the severe stage of Periodontitis, the gum may pull away, the bone may be lost and the tooth can be loosened or fall out. 


The Symptoms of Periodontal Disease


Most people experience some or other form of dental issues during their lifetime. And so identifying the symptoms and understanding the warning signs for periodontal diseases is very important. By identifying the early signs and visiting The Urban Dental Clinic, one can find relief and proper treatment.


The most common symptoms of periodontal disease would include:

  • Bad Breathe
  • Red and Swollen Gums
  • Painful while Chewing
  • Tender and Bleeding Gums
  • Bad Taste in the Mouth
  • Loss of Tooth
  • Sensitive Teeth
  • Building up of Plaque or Tartar on the teeth, etc.

These are some of the most common symptoms of periodontal diseases. However, the symptoms vary in each stage of the disease and it could get more severe with time, if not treated. 


The Causes of Periodontal Disease


Humans usually have different types of bacteria in their mouths, most of which are harmless. However, if not cleaned properly and if the necessary dental hygiene is not maintained, the bacteria grow and build up on the teeth.


The bacteria growing in the mouth infect the tissues of the mouth and cause inflammation of the gums. This leads to periodontal diseases of the gums. The bacteria growing on the teeth if not cleaned properly forms a thin film on the surface of the teeth. This film is called plaque, which further hardens to form tartar. This hardened tartar grows below the gum line and can be cleaned only with professional help.


The body’s immune system responds to bacterial growth that leads to inflammation of the gum. Over time the inflammation leads to disruption of the tooth, thus forming a periodontal gap between the gums and the roots. 


The Treatment of Periodontal Disease

                                                        The most popular treatment methods for periodontal diseases include practicing oral hygiene, professional cleanings, medication, and in severe cases surgical correctness. 



  • For Oral hygiene, most dentists suggest brushing the tooth twice with fluoride toothpaste, using floss regularly to remove plaque, giving up smoking or tobacco chewing, and checking up with dentists at least once a year.


  • Invest in professional deep cleaning of the tooth known as scaling and root planing. These professional methods help remove the tartar and maintain a healthy dental system.


  • Use of dentist-prescribed antibiotics that can include oral medication, mouthwash, or tooth gel for infections or inflammations.


The Possible Complications of Periodontal Diseases

One should never ignore the first visible or sensory symptoms like a sensitive tooth or bad breath. If treated in time, periodontal diseases are curable and you can get back your healthy dental system by following the dentist’s advice.

The tooth may be loose and can require urgent extraction. In addition, it could also give painful abscesses, and increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other respiratory diseases. It could also lead to complications during pregnancy and low birth weight.


Bottom Line

Periodontal diseases are both preventable and treatable. With regular follow-ups and proper dental care, it is curable. Visit the  Urban Dental Clinic for any symptoms, so that you can get back your good dental health.



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