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10 things you need to know about Alberto Nonino

Alberto Nonino is one of the most important figures in the world of winemaking. Born in 1949 in Friuli, Italy, he is the current owner and winemaker of the Nonino family business. He is also a member of the Enologist Board of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. In this blog post, we will explore 10 things you need to know about Alberto Nonino. From his humble beginnings to his commitment to quality, Nonino is a true pioneer in the world of wine.

Who is Alberto Nonino?

Nonino was born in Italy in 1932 and emigrated to Argentina with his family at the age of six. He began working at Bodega Norton in 1955 and took over as head winemaker in 1970. Under Nonino’s leadership, the winery began producing a number of innovative wines that helped to put Argentine wine on the map. Alberto nonino

Nonino retired from Bodega Norton in 2002 but remains active in the wine industry through his work with a number of other Argentine wineries. He has also been honored with a number of awards and accolades, including being named a Knight Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic in 2009.

His early life and family

Alberto Nonino was born in 1951 in the small town of Pergola, Italy. His family has been involved in the wine business for generations, and his father was a winemaker. Alberto’s first experience with wine came at a young age, when he would help his father make wine in their cellar. After completing high school, Alberto enrolled in enology classes at the University of Bologna.

After graduation, Alberto worked for a few years as a winemaker in Italy and France. In 1977, he returned to Pergola to take over the family business. Nonino has since become one of the most respected winemakers in Italy, and his wines are sought after by collectors and connoisseurs around the world.

His career in the wine industry

Alberto Nonino is a world-renowned winemaker and the owner of Nonino Cantina in Friuli, Italy. He started his career in the wine industry working as a cellar hand at a local winery. After a few years, he was promoted to assistant winemaker and then to head winemaker. Under his guidance, the Nonino cantina has become one of the most respected and acclaimed wineries in Italy and around the world. Alberto’s wines have been awarded numerous accolades, including multiple “Wine of the Year” titles from major publications. In addition to his success as a winemaker, Alberto is also a highly sought-after consultant and teacher. He has lectured at many prestigious institutions, including the University of California at Davis and the Culinary Institute of America.

Alberto Nonino is an Argentine winemaker and the founder of Bodega Norton. He was born in 1937 in San Carlos, Mendoza, Argentina. His family has been in the wine business since 1852. Alberto started working in the family business at a young age. In 1971, he and his wife Silvana founded Bodega Norton. The winery is located in Mendoza, Argentina.

Bodega Norton produces wines that are exported to more than 60 countries around the world. The winery has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Grand Prix du Vin de France. Alberto Nonino has been inducted into the Order of Agricultural Merit by the French government.

His most famous wines

Alberto Nonino is one of the most famous wine producers in Italy. His wines are known for their high quality and unique flavor. Nonino produces a variety of wines, but his most famous is his red wines. Nonino’s red wines are some of the most popular in Italy, and they are known for their full body and rich flavor. If you’re looking for delicious Italian red wine, then you should definitely try a bottle of Nonino’s!

His awards and recognition

He has won numerous awards for his wines, including the prestigious Decanter World Wine Award for Best White Wine in 2010. Nonino is also a member of the jury for the annual Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, one of the world’s most respected wine competitions.

What makes his wines so special?

Nonino’s wines are also notable for their high acidity, which gives them a refreshing and bright flavor.

His thoughts on the future of wine

Alberto Nonino is one of the most respected winemakers in the world, and his thoughts on the future of wine are very interesting. He believes that the future of wine is in quality, not quantity. He also believes that there will be a shift away from mass-produced wines and towards more artisanal wines. This is something that he is very passionate about, and it is clear that he has a lot of knowledge about the subject. His thoughts on the future of wine are definitely worth reading.

His vision for the future


Alberto Nonino is an Argentine businessman who has a very clear vision for the future. He wants to see his country become a world leader in the production of renewable energy. Nonino believes that this is possible if Argentina makes a concerted effort to develop its vast natural resources, including wind and solar power. He also believes that the country must continue to invest in its infrastructure and education system in order to remain competitive in the global economy.


In an interview, Alberto Nonino spoke about his vision for the future. He said that he would like to see the company continue to grow and expand its reach. He also said that he would like to see more innovation in the products and services that the company offers.

In his role as one of the most important winemakers in the world, Alberto Nonino is responsible for creating some of the finest wines available. 

Nonino’s journey to becoming one of the most important winemakers in the world began in his native Italy. After completing his studies at the University of Milan, he started working in the family business, which was then a small producer of grappa. It was here that he developed his love for wine and began to learn about the art of winemaking.

In 1984, Nonino decided to strike out on his own and founded his own winery in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. His focus on quality over quantity quickly earned him a reputation as a producer of exceptional wines.


Alberto Nonino is one of the most respected winemakers in the world, and for good reason. If you’re looking to try a truly exceptional wine, then look no further than Alberto Nonino. Here are 10 things you need to know about this legendary winemaker.



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